About UK Coldstore

Who are we

We are one of the UK’s leading contractors specialising in insulated panels, temperature controlled environments and coldroom construction.

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United Kingdom

In the heart of London

Established more than 20 years ago as a London based refrigeration company, we prioritise an engineering-centric approach. Our distinction lies in bespoke solutions tailored to individual specifications and sizes. Unlike many suppliers, we specialise in delivering cost-effective made-to-measure products.

Selectively choosing our manufacturers, producing our insulated panels in-house, and overseeing projects from fabrication to installation allows us to provide a total guarantee, ensuring quality and durability.


Our commitment throughout our history lies in delivering exceptional service, unwavering quality, and dedicated, individualised attention to our clients.

UK Coldstore continues to be managed by both the first and second generations. The team maintains its focus on manufacturing insulated panels, with specialisation in constructing temperature-controlled environments.
We relocate our manufacturing plant to Park Royal, one of London's primary industrial areas and the largest area of Strategic Industrial Land (SIL) in the city.
UK Coldstore commences the manufacturing of insulated panels in-house to deliver improved value to our customers, first at our factory in Liverpool then relocating later that year to Cambridge.
The initial company underwent a rebranding, adopting the name UK Coldstore to better reflect our dedicated focus and expertise in the field of cold storage and temperature-controlled environments.
Established in 2000 as a refrigeration and engineering company we expanded our services shortly after to include the installation of coldrooms.
Our values

Quality and durability every time.

Quality and durability
every time.


Our expert execution and installation leverage years of experience, ensuring a durable product with reliable, long-term performance.


For every application, we ensure the sourcing and manufacturing of quality products that deliver guaranteed performance.


Our projects start with an engineering-first approach, combining it with technically grounded design principles to ensure high-quality installations.

Our process

We start with your needs and partner to deliver a full solution.

Understanding your objectives allows us to help you find the right solution.

Fact finding and survey

We begin by asking a few questions to understand your project, followed by a site survey to provide you with the best advice.

Design and planning

We present possible solutions with honest and open summaries of each, allowing you to make the best possible choice.


We take care of everything else, guaranteeing first-class delivery and installation while ensuring quality and durability.

We work with some of the best partners in the industry