Service and maintenance

With considerable expertise in industrial and commercial temperature-controlled environments, as well as expert knowledge in coldroom maintenance, refurbishments, and repairs, we deliver efficient solutions to ensure seamless business continuity.


Servicing and maintenance

We aim to ensure minimal downtime for you business. We’re always equipped to deal with the most repair tasks, providing replacement and restoration services to doors, handles, gaskets and refrigerant plants. Our specialist team of refrigeration engineers are fully qualified and will complete the work needed to get your equipment running again.


Coldroom maintenance experts.

Our service team provide expert support for all aspects of your coldroom. Proper maintenance ensures that your equipment maintains the required temperature consistently. This safeguards your store from spoilage, bacterial growth, and contamination, promoting safety.


Refurbishment know-how.

As a cost-effective solution to completely replacing a distressed looking coldroom, we can refurbish your coldroom, doors and fixtures to bring your facility up to the latest standards.

We undertake a site survey to understand what needs to be done in order to assess the cold room repairs required and make your cold rooms like new.

Our values

Quality and durability every time.


Rest assured, our engineers, among the finest in the country, are fully qualified and highly experienced, ensuring the job is executed with precision and expertise.


We prioritise swift on-site solutions, with our dedicated team of refrigeration engineers carrying essential spare parts for immediate assistance.


Enhance coldroom performance with our customized maintenance packages, spanning one-time ad hoc service to planned preventative maintenance, ensuring continuous peak efficiency for your facility.

Our promise

We pride ourselves on
quality and durability.

Our commitment is to guarantee quality and durability delivered on time, within budget, and with the utmost safety.


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